This week was amazing! 

I was quite excited because of two situations. First of all, I managed to find a very nice place to live. I found a cozy apartment in Coogee Suburb. One of the nicest suburbs in Sydney, in my opinion. Coogee Beach and Gordons Bay Beach are only 600 and 700 meters away from home, and I can walk a bit more and find Clovelly, Bronte, Marubra, Tamarama, Bondi Beach (the most famous one, I don’t know why), and so on.

Secondly, I was incredibly excited because I started my English course which I was looking forward to. I’ve always loved learning English and I enjoy it a lot. 

Also, I was surprised because I ran into a spectacular group of teachers who really creates “art” when teaching, which helped me to feel very comfortable and satisfied with my English learning process. In spite of my regular stress, jaja !

It’s difficult to express and comprehend but despite my regular stress I enjoyed my English classes a lot.

With respect to my learning process, I can only point out that it was only an introduction to the academic dynamic and methodology. 

In this course, I have to present a grammar, reading and writing test every single friday. The first writing was quite basic, like a 6 years old child trying to write an essay. Many ideas came to my mind but I just wasn’t able to write them down. I didn’t remember words, connectors, adjectives, conjunctions and expressions and that turned out to be such a very annoying situation for me. 

My First test was graded at 66 out of 100, which I consider extremely bad.

At this point, It’s quite difficult for me to be objective with my own process. But the most obvious is that I’ve been here only 1 week ago. (almost nothing).

Second week insights:


The first weeks we should spend time just enjoying the process. It doesn’t matter how outstanding your results can be.


The test results began to be mediocre and average which made me a bit worried and uncomfortable. Definitively 66 out of 100 was not a good result.


The first weeks should be taken to fit in with the city as a new and very different place to live. It’s not the time to try to be perfect. 


I believe in a wise sentence which I haven’t been able to practice deeply (yet):

“Enjoy the process. The success is found in the journey, not at the end”

Definitely, I should train my patience. 

Fifth (Important)

To address this issue, I decided to create this blog entry where I can document my English learning immersion while practicing the language during my spare time. (only 10:30 pm onward jaja).


  1. I was dealing with such significant changes in my life and I believe I was struggling quite intensely and a small celebration could be well-deserved. All this, because at the beginning I was quite strict and tough on myself. I strongly believe I should have been more flexible with myself. 

During this week I found a very nice place to live, I looked for a job in which I was hired very fast, I spent time exploring many places, costs, beaches, I managed to find, negotiate and buy a very nice full carbon road cycling bike and I started my first week English class. I had so many achievements to celebrate but I was just regretting my grades in English tests.

  1. I should celebrate my achievements a bit more.
  2. I’m starting to think that I’m achieving quite significant goals in a very short period. I’m not entirely convinced yet. I’m just beginning to consider it. Next week I will think about the great achievements of the week.
  3. I continue to waste too much time writing. It takes me more than one hour to complete only 2 pages. I have to double-check almost every sentence because my ability to construct grammatical structures isn’t very experienced. I haven’t fully grasped the English thinking process yet.

That’s what happens with a Startup. There may be some mess, doubt and mistakes at the very beginning. Plane is being assembled while flying. In every process, we HAVE TO be mentally prepared to fail, if we struggle and persist we’ll see very positive results sooner than later. Then we decide, to pivot or to improve. 

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